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Innovative Rehab Outcome Tracking and Communication Tool

Functional Pathways' proprietary software RightTrack™ tracks functional outcomes and communicates patient progress to their loved ones, physicians, and facility staff to ensure excellence in patient care.

Step One

Register for Updates

To become a registered user, a patient release form must be completed at the rehab care facility. An email link will then be sent prompting the creation of a password to access RightTrack's™ web portal and detailed reports and patient information.

Step Two

Track Progress

Upon admission to therapy, therapists will evaluate patients' current status and create goals based upon key functional outcomes to promote a safe discharge to the patient's home environment.

During the course of treatment, therapists will enter updates reflecting the patient's progress during therapy sessions. Updates will be sent on an ongoing basis via email with a link to RightTrack's™ web portal providing registered users' with a comprehensive update regarding the patient's progress.

Registered users may also access this information at any time by logging in through RightTrack's™ homepage.

Step Three

Communicate Outcomes

Upon discharge from therapy, a final update will be emailed displaying the patient's percentage of goals achieved. In addition, a final outcome report will be sent to the referring physician as a reference tool for ongoing care.

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